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PowerJet 500 DEK 1" DRE

PowerJet 500 DEK 1" DRE

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The latest generation of our ejector nozzles is especially suitable for cleaning water-bearing pipes and ducts of DN 400 - 1000.
water-bearing pipes and ducts from DN 400 - 1000. The swivel joint is included in the scope of delivery.

The increase in performance with low power consumption results from a new system for transmitting the available performance data such as pressure and volume flow. The new ejector nozzles are designed for all profiles. Even at low volume flow, high levels of contamination (stones, sludge and paper/cellulose) can be moved effectively.

Due to the gentle cleaning process with low working pressure of approx. 40 bar at the end of the injector pipe, even older sewer systems can be maintained without problems and preserved for a longer service life. The PowerJet thus meets the requirements of municipalities for the maintenance of older sewer systems.

⚙️ Connection thread


➡️ Front Jet


⬅️ Back Jet

12 x M10 x 1

🔄 Rotating nozzles


🕳️ Fields of application

Sewer bottom

📐 Dimensions and weight

L 720/ B 405/ H 280 mm and 37 kg

♻️ Recycled water


💦 Volume flow

300 -

📏 Suitable for DN

800 - 2000
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