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Rehabilitation vehicle Multi 10 | 18t

Rehabilitation vehicle Multi 10 | 18t

Multi rehabilitation vehicle with focus on "partial rehabilitation"
  • HD rinsing
  • Robot milling
  • Short liner
  • Longliner
  • Hat rehabilitation
  • Camera inspection
  • Grouting/Filler
  • Manhole rehabilitation
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Multi 10

The Multi 10 is suitable for flushing sewers using high-pressure flushing technology, subsequently carrying out TV inspections, setting short and cap liners and carrying out milling robot work autonomously.

High-pressure flushing and subsequent TV inspection work are also economically feasible.

The suitable nominal diameters are approximately DN 200 - DN 800, depending on the area of application. Thanks to an integrated sewer robot, work can be carried out remotely in pipe sewers from DN 250 to DN 800.

The cutter attachment allows obstacles to be milled around the entire pipe circumference and thus removed.

The "piercing" of house connection pipes after rehabilitation can also be carried out economically.

Monitoring is done remotely.

The Multi 10 is an all-rounder and therefore not or only conditionally suitable for year-round maintenance flushing, TV inspection work or pipe liner rehabilitation work.

The Multi 10 can be equipped with a powerful solar system on request. Through the solar system the Multi 10 has the possibility to produce household standard 230V alternating voltage by itself. The solar panels charge a battery pack. From this battery pack, if necessary, the voltage is then taken by an inverter. It is also possible to draw about 4 KW from the batteries, which are part of the solar system, through a 16 A CEE plug. This can be used for example to power a sidecar, steam plant or similar without using a generator. With a generator, even 32 A 400V three-phase current can be supplied. This can greatly reduce generator running times, which saves fuel and therefore money.

A real sine wave supplies your equipment as you are used to from the normal supply network. The robot can be operated endlessly without refueling water, thanks to the omega technology. This means that the water is not consumed during milling. This saves immense time that would otherwise have been spent on driving away and refueling. Costs for the water supplier are also saved. Water only needs to be refueled for sewer cleaning using a sewer cleaning nozzle and for washing hands.

A parking heater and 3 air conditioners protected the vehicle and crew from frost or heat.

Other product examples allow for example:

A social room with a table and microwave enables the crew to eat meals together, review plans and documents, and prepare evaluations and documentation. Thanks to a "good night package", the social room can be completely darkened. The social room can be separated from the rest of the vehicle by a sliding door. This keeps out light, noise and dust. A washbasin with hot water and mirror ensures the hygiene of the crew.

A changing room with 3 lockers allows daily separation of black clothes from white clothes. There is another air conditioner in the locker room to make changing comfortable on the one hand, and on the other hand, material and tools are still stored in the locker room.

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