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Robot vehicle HC² | 3,5t

Robot vehicle HC² | 3,5t

"King of the Pipes" HC² robot vehicle 3.5t

A self-sufficient robot vehicle with a mass of 3,5t. Drivable with driving license class B (up to 3,5t zGM).

By means of an integrated generator, a sufficient voltage is generated via an auxiliary drive, in order to supply HP pump, robot, crane, reel, PC at the workplace and much more. This enables the system to work non-stop for several days (depending on the fuel volume).

Via a 40 inch UHD 4K display you can monitor the robot and its several sensors. The display can optionally be divided into 4 areas. 3 x live images of the robot and 1 x the control room in real time. The parameters are graphically displayed in the control room. This gives the operator a better view of the important parameters while working. The operator's eyes at the workplace are protected by LED bars. For example, a warm color can be selected at night to support the operator's biorhythm.

The robot is controlled via 2 comfortable joysticks or optionally with an X-Box, Playstation or other compatible controller. Here, value is placed on the user being able to work as long and comfortably undisturbed as possible. What could be more suitable for controlling the robot than the console controller, which has been tried and tested millions of times and can be intuitively controlled by anyone?

The milling tool of the robot is driven by an HD pump. Due to the omega technology, the medium in the tank is used endlessly. There is no need to refill water.

The vehicle has no possibility to clean a channel.

The high pressure pumps on board are for:
  • High pressure cleaner
  • As drive of the milling tool
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