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Lower hose guide special 3/4" - 1"

Lower hose guide special 3/4" - 1"

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The lower hose guide special belongs on every "flusher". The special version has a cross-bar welded on, which is to prevent the deflection pulley from being pulled into the pipe with it. The hose is passed through and the pulley installed in the shaft. Here it protects HD hose, air hoses and camera cables from abrasion and damage from sharp edges. When installed properly, wear on the high-pressure hose, camera eel and air hoses is massively reduced.

⚙️ Connection thread


➡️ Front Jet

⬅️ Back Jet

🔄 Rotating nozzles

🕳️ Fields of application


📐 Dimensions and weight

mm and

♻️ Recycled water

💦 Volume flow


📏 Suitable for DN

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