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CP050 1/2"

CP050 1/2"

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Pipe blocked? You can buy the solution here. It is gentle on the pipes. Dissolves with ease, blockages and clogging (hygiene products).

Field of application:

- House connections

- Basic pipes

- Trailing pipes in cellars or underground garages


- Gentle on the pipe

- Can be used as a flushing bit

The technology behind it:

The optimal angle of the pre-jet nozzles attacks the blockage directly. With most comparable models, the force is wasted cleaning the pipe wall. The "CP050" acts directly against the obstruction and then flushes out the loosened materials with its return jets.

If a blockage is more stubborn, using it as a sewer chisel can help. Here, it is possible to switch from cleaning with water pressure to piercing. Here the shape of the nozzle is used as a sharp-edged tool to pierce the barrier. To do this, remove 0.5 m to 1 m of hose back from the barrier and then abruptly release the hose, or push it forward with you. Turn the hose to change the location.


Due to the above-mentioned properties, even moderate pressure can be used to protect the pipe. Often the basic pipe in the affected areas is damaged. Here, the user does not want to "risk an open construction method". He wants to remove the blockage and then be able to recommend and sell a rehabilitation in closed construction using inliner technology for removal. Often, the user himself makes possible follow-up jobs impossible by using the wrong equipment and/or too high pressures, in which the damaged area collapses or the cavity is flushed out until it sags. Only when the first shards make noise does it slowly become certain that a TV investigation is necessary. Often it is already too late by then.

Other areas of application:

- Sludge

- Grease

- Sand

- Ice

⚙️ Connection thread


➡️ Front Jet

4 x M4, 1 x M4 15°, 0°

⬅️ Back Jet

3 x M6 25°

🔄 Rotating nozzles


🕳️ Fields of application


📐 Dimensions and weight

L 45 / ø 35 mm and 0.16 kg

♻️ Recycled water


💦 Volume flow

40 - 100

📏 Suitable for DN

55 - 100
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